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403 active free Proxy Servers found
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Proxy IP:PortCountrylast checkedProxy TypeAdsSpeed 07:13:11Transparentblocked States24-APR-14 19:09:19Transparentblocked 22:59:57Transparentblocked 05:36:08Transparentblocked 23:04:55Transparentblocked 08:56:06Transparentblocked 07:38:51Transparentblocked 16:37:06Transparentblocked Federation24-APR-14 12:16:41Transparentblocked 07:35:57Transparentblocked 05:13:49Transparentblocked 12:07:42Transparentblocked Republic Of Ukraine24-APR-14 20:36:29Transparentblocked 16:32:48Transparentblocked 05:16:11Transparentblocked 05:00:07Transparentblocked 07:42:07Transparentblocked 02:42:20Transparentblocked States25-APR-14 02:22:28Transparentblocked 07:24:17Transparentblocked 06:44:59Transparentblocked 22:53:23Transparentblocked 11:35:15Transparentblocked 07:01:15Transparentblocked 19:54:09Transparentblocked

Opolis Secure E-Mail Service

The WoW! Proxy!Live free Proxy Server Checker service provides you with up to date lists of available free public Proxy Servers around the world.

As there are already many of these lists around on the Internet, we found it really annoying that most of the published servers were not in operation by the time we wanted to use them.

Therefore we designed our own checking procedure which tries to measure the availability and the performance of the Proxy Servers. Additionally we try to detect the type of service (transparent or anonymous) and if the Proxy Server allows Google Ads to pass through.

In our lists the Proxy Servers are ordered by performance based on the above criterias.

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